Lash Extensions

What are they?

and what style type should I choose?

Lash extensions are the perfect solution for anyone who needs a little extra beauty on the daily by applying a lightweight extension directly onto each of your natural individual lashes. Due to their versatile nature, your lash artist can customize your unique set using the following styles: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume. To see more about these styles, see the breakdown below!

Classic Lash Extensions

1 extension on 1 natural lash

This is a great beginners lash!

Perfect for a natural look,for those looking for a lttle length and who have plenty of natural lashes. Looks like mascara but better!

Hybrid Lash Extensions

mixture of volume fans + classics

This is my personal favorite!

Hybrids bring fullness and fluffiness to your lashes. These can be natural without looking "fake" while still providing more volume than a classic set would. Great for those who's lashes are thinning or sparse/don't have many to start with.

Volume + Mega Volume Lash Extensions

2 or more thinner / lightweight

extensions on 1 natural lash

Volume gives you just that - the overall appearance of more lashes. This is for someone who either has very little lashes to work with (can be very natural) or who loves a bit more drama in their lashes. If you're a lover of natural and wispy strip lashes, this may be for you! 

before & after care instructions.jpg
after care instructions.jpg
Lash Lift + Tint
What is it?

and how long does it last?

Lash Lifting opens the eyes, gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes and offers much less maintenance than eyelash extensions. Lash Lifting uses a safe, chemical process to break down bonds of the hair to redirect the lash into a new lifted style. A lash lift lasts about 6-8 weeks on average. Lash tinting involves dying the natural lashes darker to appear more bold and defined. Tint lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. Paired together, your lashes will be living their best!