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8 hr classic - 2 layers
8 hr classic - 2 layers

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8 hr classic - 2 layers
8 hr classic - 2 layers

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8 hr classic - 2 layer
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• Please arrive with no make up on or bring make up remover wipes with you.
• Lotion (no oil) your entire body the night before or at least a few hours before the tan, NOT right beforehand.

Do not use Dove products at all! They will strip the tan or leave a residue that makes tans come out unevenly.
• Moisturize your entire body after EVERY shower!!
• Lotion and body wash should contain zero stripping alcohols, if possible. If you have questions about which alcohols are safe, please reach out!! Product recommendations are listed below.
• BAD alcohols will strip your tan. 

• Sunburns do not go well with spray tans. Once peeling occurs, the tan goes with it! 
• Tans will turn out spotchy and uneven for those who already have burned skin. Airbrush tans are not recommended in this case.
• No exfoliating during tan (no loofas, scrubs or mitts unless you are trying to remove the tan).
• Exfoliating, shaving and waxing should be done 24 hours before tan, if possible.
• Wear LOOSE + DARK clothing directly after tan. No yoga pants or leggings!
• If you choose to wear undergarments or a bathing suit during tan, make sure they are dark. 

• Think about tan lines!

• It is recommended to avoid wearing a bra or panties after your spray to avoid friction.
• Avoid getting wet at all until your tan is done processing. It will leave a mark!
• Keep showers short and use cooler water for longevity.
• Blot with a towel after showers, do not rub or be aggressive.
• Change out of sweaty clothes immediately after workouts.
• Try not to sleep on white or light sheets or wearing white clothes while tan is processing.

• Sleep on dark/old sheets or on top of a towel
•  Wear lightweight long pants and a long sleeve shirt so you are covered up during duration of tan to avoid transfer, just in case. Especially at night. No one likes patchy hands or weird marks from sleeping!
• Please bring an umbrella and wear a LOOSE jacket and LOOSE pants to be fully covered in the event of rain. You do not want to have any water get on you! It will leave a spot. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

You should receive step by step instructions to your email prior to your appointment! 

Available at your appointment: South Seas Body Wash, Moisturizer and Tan Extender. $8 each.
All are travel sized and formulated to work well with your airbrushed glow!
X-TAN prep spray and tan remover kit - Includes a large bottle of skin loving skincare with anti-aging, exfoliating, and moisturizing/hydrating botanical ingredients that will break down old tan and prepare your skin for your next spray, an exfoliating shower mitt, and a remover glove. $30 kit.

Beauty By Earth // clean + nontoxic - FULL body self tanning lotion + FACE self tanner for those who want to get a beautiful glow at home. $31.99 + $25.99. Back applicator also available for $11.99.


Hempz ORIGINAL body lotion is also tan safe and smells amazing!

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion (tan and green bottle) has been proven to be safe for spray tans.

Single oils or oil blends can be easily layered with or added to your preferred lotion or cream to provide an added moisture boost.

You may use natural body wash from Lush as long as they do not exfoliate the skin!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus lotion and body wash are great options.

Most natural/organic "homemade" soap bars will do.