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8 Hour Classic

2 Hour Deluxe

All Natural

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

Organic DHA


The Do's & Don'ts

• Please arrive with NO make up on or bring make up remover wipes with you.
• Lotion your entire body at least a few hours before the tan, NOT right beforehand.

• Do not use Dove products at all! They are known to strip the tan or leave a residue that makes tans come out uneven.
• Lotion your entire body after EVERY shower!!
• Lotion and body wash should contain zero alcohol if possible.
• Alcohol will strip your tan.
• NO exfoliating during tan (no loofas or scrubs)
• Exfoliating, shaving and waxing should be done 24 hours before tan if possible.
•Wear LOOSE dark clothing directly after tan. Not yoga pants or leggings!
• If you choose to wear undergarments or a bathing suit during tan then make sure they are dark!
• Try to avoid getting wet at all until your tan is done processing.
• Keep showers short and with cooler water for longevity.
• Blot with a towel after showers.
• Change out of sweaty clothes immediately after workouts.
• Try not to sleep on white or light sheets or wearing white clothes while tan is processing. I recommend sleeping on dark or old sheets during duration of tan to play it safe. You could also lay on a towel or sleep in lightweight long pants and a long sleeve shirt so you are covered up.
• If it’s raining or calling for rain please bring an umbrella and wear a LOOSE jacket and LOOSE pants to be fully covered. You do not want to have any water get on you! It will leave a spot. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 

Product Recommendations

Trader Joe’s makes a $4 lemongrass & coconut oil that is perfect for after showers and to keep your skin hydrated. Coconut oil is also acceptable. I like using “Its Raining Men” body wash from Lush. Most natural/organic "homemade" soap bars will do. Again, we want to avoid any alcohol in the products we use. Hempz original body lotion is also acceptable. We also have travel size body wash and moisturizer available for purchase that are completely tan safe.