8 Hour Classic

2 Hour Deluxe

All Natural

Vegan Friendly

Paraben Free

Organic DHA

No Orange


• Please arrive with no make up on or bring make up remover wipes with you.
• Lotion your entire body at least a few hours before the tan, NOT right beforehand.

Do not use Dove products at all! They will strip the tan or leave a residue that makes tans come out unevenly.
• Lotion your entire body after EVERY shower!!
• Lotion and body wash should contain zero alcohol if possible.
• Alcohol will strip your tan. 

• Sunburns do not go well with spray tans. Once peeling occurs, the tan goes with it!
• No exfoliating during tan (no loofas or scrubs)
• Exfoliating, shaving and waxing should be done 24 hours before tan, if possible.
• Wear LOOSE dark clothing directly after tan. No yoga pants or leggings!
• If you choose to wear undergarments or a bathing suit during tan, make sure they are dark. 

• Think about tan lines!
• Avoid getting wet at all until your tan is done processing. It will leave a mark!
• Keep showers short and use cooler water for longevity.
• Blot with a towel after showers, do not rub or be aggressive.
• Change out of sweaty clothes immediately after workouts.
• Try not to sleep on white or light sheets or wearing white clothes while tan is processing.

• Sleep on dark/old sheets, on top of a towel or in lightweight long pants and a long sleeve shirt so you are covered up during duration of tan to avoid transfer, just in case.
• Please bring an umbrella and wear a LOOSE jacket and LOOSE pants to be fully covered in the event of rain. You do not want to have any water get on you! It will leave a spot. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 

Trader Joe’s $4 lemongrass & coconut oil that is perfect for after showers and to keep your skin hydrated.

Pure Coconut oil is also acceptable.

Hempz original body lotion is a tan safe.

I like using body wash from Lush. 

Most natural/organic "homemade" soap bars will do.

We also have travel size body wash, moisturizer and tan extender available for purchase that are tan safe.

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